Welcome to Extreme Coatings Inc!


Welcome to Extreme Coatings Incorporated. We hope you come back and check our site often as we plan constant updates. This page can be your source for timely and informative articles about paint and the industrial painting industry. Additionally, we will keep you up to date on cool and interesting projects in our shop or paint booth.

Many of our employees are active outdoor enthusiasts with interesting hobbies like racing Razr ATVs or building hot rods. Also, our company restores and paints Ground Support Equipment in the Aerospace industry. Of course, you know we also paint large industrial equipment like concrete trucks and dump trucks. We will try to keep you involved in our varied and interesting projects. If you have a project that includes a total restoration or custom paint and you are using our products and services we will be happy to showcase it here. Why not let others see your project come to life and brag about it a bit?

This will also be a place of learning. We are continuing to learn our craft and as we come across relevant tips and techniques we will pass along that information to you. It might be in the form of a blog post or even a video. Because we have one of Nashville’s largest paint booths and a large warehouse and even classroom facilities ECI will be a great place for continuing education. You are encouraged to contribute to this.

Don’t forget to check out our social media sites as well. We are setting up a Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram will follow shortly. We encourage you to subscribe and interact. ECI is determined to interact with our clients in any form of media they choose. Don’t worry about checking every social media account we have. Most items of interest will be cross posted.

Have a safe and productive day. Don’t forget to learn something and always remember to call Extreme Coatings Incorporated for your industrial painting and paint supply needs.


Erick Larson
Director of Business Development