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About Us

The story of Extreme Coatings Inc really starts years ago in a different industry.  The management team comes from an Aerospace Maintenance background.  Working with major airlines to repair and inspect passenger aircraft instilled a deep sense of responsibility and quality control.  Additionally, the ability to provide products and services at a reasonable price and deliver within strict timelines became a top priority.

Working with the airlines exposed the group to many of the ground service equipment or GSE used in that industry.  A natural expansion of capabilities resulted in multiple contracts to repair and rehabilitate that equipment.  This is still an important component of the company.

Like much of the equipment our industrial and heavy construction customers have, GSE equipment in the Aerospace industry is constantly exposed to the elements and is usually stored outside year round.  A constant frustration had always been that the protective paint coatings did not hold up well to the weather or the constant daily use.

An exhaustive search and years of trial and error with different paints led to a small selection of products that not only protected our customers equipment from rust, corrosion and abuse but matched the colors our customers have and looked great as well.  Additional experiments with non-skid surface coatings resulted in additional product lines for those pieces of equipment subjected to the harshest treatment man and Mother Nature can dole out.  Along the way the company learned application techniques vital the success of any coating.

It became apparent that the knowledge and products the company had would benefit other customers in different industries.  So Extreme Coatings Inc was born.  With this new company comes the dedication and commitment of a long standing management team focused on delivering quality products at reasonable prices.  Paint from manufacturers like U-Pol and Color by Design form the backbone of a product line specifically targeted at GSE, Industrial and Heavy construction equipment.

Extreme Coatings Inc. is not just a product warehouse.  Our knowledgeable employees custom match colors for each client and store those formulations for future orders.  For clients who do not have facilities to paint their own equipment Extreme Coatings Incorporated will paint anything from a Concrete truck to a generator in one of Nashville’s largest paint booths.  A full line of accessories such as fillers, sandpaper and personal protective gear is also offered.  Extreme Coatings Inc is a “one stop” paint supply vendor for our customers.